Aircraft Hangar Lighting Requirements

Aircraft Hangar Lighting Requirements

Following are leads and requests for aircraft hangar lighting requirements from private to commercial to military. Some of the proposed hangar lights solutions were accepted and the product delivered. 

Following are leads and requests for aircraft hangar lighting requirements from private to commercial to military. Some of the proposed hangar lights solutions were accepted and the product delivered. 


Request May 2013: Commercial Hangar

I am building a new hanger (100ft x 80ft) with 22 ft wall height. Please provide a quote for your recommended lighting package.

Solution: This solution will generate 51+ fc or 550+ lux. Initial lumens are 20,000 per fixture totaling 300,000 lumens.  Often creating multiple circuits will allow light where it is needed and Induction is instant on so there is no waiting or buzz with these lights.



Request May 2013: commercial Hangar

Just need a rough quote on lighting an old hanger (approximately 2500sq ft). The existing wiring is old and needs to be redone.

Solution: Using the 3×3 pattern, the new lights will bring 180,000 lumens. This will offer approx. 90 foot candles providing a safe and well lit work area.



Request May 2013: Private Hangar

Building a new aircraft hangar in central Texas. Personal use. Request quote on LED OVERHEAD LIGHTING. 1870 sq ft 35 x 53 x 12 ft high new hangar. Electric available is 120v ac two phase Hangar construction starts Monday. All metal building with red iron frame

Solution:  6 LED (155w) over conventional 6-400w MH (454w) will last 3 times as long and save 1800w.  These will provide about 16 years of service in a 12 on/ 12 off scenario



Request April 2013: Commercial Hangar

We currently have 76 metal halide light units suspended from our sloped hangar.  The part number for the light fixtures is Lithonia Lighting #TE 1000M E22 M 480 HA.  We also have outside ramp lighting with part number TFA 1000M RB 277 DDB PER PE7 TFAUV and parking lot lighting KSF2 400M R3 277 SP04 PER PE7.  The hangar dimensions are 157′ x 153′ for 2 adjoining spaces.  



Request April 2013:

Need quote for interior hangar lighting.  The hangar is 65 X 75 meters.  It is dome shaped with the highest point being 17 meters high

Solution: Low profile hibay 750w Induction



Request March 2013: U.S. Air Force Base

I am a Project Manager at Air Force Base and need to retrofit an aircraft hangar with the goal of achieving 50 foot-candles. It is presently equipped with 24 starburst fluorescent fixtures and only measures around 13 foot-candles. These replaced the sodium fixtures.





Request March 2013: Private Hangar

We will be using 120v and this is a private hanger with only minimal maintenance going on and used a couple hours a week. Mostly need good general lighting. The door is 16 feet tall. Thank for your time

Solution: What I feel will serve you best is a 4′ fluorescent fixture each with 6-54w T-5 HO lamps in each.  The layout would be 4 across and 3 deep for a total of 12 fixtures. This arrangement will provide 49 foot candles of light at 4 ft.  I’d suggest 2-4 circuits so they may be switched on according to your needs.



Request March 2013: Private Hangar

 have a 42 X 33 foot hangar with ceiling height of 16 feet. I’m interested in what my options are for overhead lights both in LED’s and other. Costs and availability please




Request March 2013: U.S. Air Force Base

an open-air sun shade aircraft maintenance facility. It is over 900′ long!  Approx. 270 400w MH/HPS hi-bays now installed at about 25′ high.  He is interested in LED solutions.  In addition, they will need about 40 canopy LED’s for security lighting down the center




Request: February 2013 Private Hangar:

Building a 50x 72 (3600 square foot) hanger with a ceiling height of 16 feet. I am interested in what my options are for economical lighting. Thanks




Request February 2013: Malaysia Airlines

Please quote us,aircraft maintenance’s a pair of lighting 500w & 1000w , lighting stand with extension cable 50m for power source.

Solution: A 400w Induction lamp will typically replace an 800w Metal Halide type.  We use this extensively in hi bay hangar and ramp lighting solutions to save time and money for our clients



Request February 2013: Private Hangar

Abilene, TX has a Quonset facility with appx six 2L F96, 85 x 100, 13 ft door height sloping to 25 ft in the center. Remaining area is unlit.




Request February 2013: interior aircraft lighting for production line

We are currently starting a production line on a small private jet fuselage and are needing some sort of low profile led strip light to temporarily mount insdie the aircraft during installations and moved every few days. If this is something you may be able to help with or guide me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Solution: a pair of 6’ Simpletube Platinum units.  They could be hung on a temporary basis and moved as they need to.  Or a three pack of same mounted on a tri-pod. 



Request February 2013: Hangar in Seychelles

Could I please get an indication of cost for lighting a 25m x 25m with a height of 8.750m in the centre, RUBB hangar.

Solution: Most of the work we do is to replace the MH with Induction. Utilizing 20 induction fixtures of 250w will use just 5,080 watts (100,000 hr.), provide a better light, a 10 yr. warranty, last 11.5 yrs. running 24/7, or 20+ years on a 12 on/ 12 off schedule, operate silently without the typical buzz caused by MH ballasts, will instant re-strike  and save at least half of your electricity usage compared to the MH.  More savings come in the form of man hours to change MH lamps and ballasts, lift usage and having to disrupt the operation to move aircraft to change the lamps/ballasts.  Not to mention the cost of the lamps and ballasts.

The layout would be 4 rows and 5 columns equalling 20 fixtures


Request January 2013: U.S. Air Force

The 3 hangar buildings are each the same dimensions. They are each 92′ x 144′.  Each building houses 2 planes.  These individuals plane housings measure approximately 92 x 72′ (outside dimensions).

Solution: The 32500 draws a total of 515 Watts so a little less then the T5 fixtures. Warranties are good at 10 years for the bulb and the ballast so there should be no worries there. The CRI is very close as well.


I also noticed that they were looking for dimming capability if I read that right. So I’ve attached the Dimming High Bay as well

Request January 2013: Airfield Lighting

I just found your email id from website as we are looking for Aviation lamps for Aircraft hangers in India. These lights will go on top of Hanger as per attached picture.

Solution: I believe you are looking for outside ramp lighting. We offer an excellent product which utilizes long lasting Induction technology. Virtually maintanence free operation 12 on /12 off for 20+ years while saving 40-60% of the energy needed to power typical Metal Halide lamps. Our product offers a 100,000 hr. rated life and come with a 10 year warranty.


We have installed at XJet an FBO, KAPA, the 500w solution. Many pilots comment on how much easier on the eyes they find these lights as compared to the MH types. Better light without the hotspot or glare.


Request January 2013: Hangar Saudi Arabia

IP65 rated 85W Induction High bay Luminaires’ of 684 units that will be distributed among 11 Hangers. Power fed of the project is 220V-60Hz

Solution: I have the solution to your inquiry. We make an 80w and a 100w model, to my knowledge the availability of an 85w Induction lamp is quite rare. Manufactured in the US the IP65 specification will be assured as per your clients requirement, no problem.

In this quotation, I will offer both the 80w (6,400 initial lumens) and the 100w (8,000 initial lumens) versions. The fixtures will carry a 10 yr. warranty as well as a 100,000 hr. rated life expectancy.
We offer free shipping to any contiguous US port of call, expect 60-75 day delivery time


request January 2013: RAF UK

We’re looking into trying to redo our entire lighting system in our maintenance hangar.  We currently use 80 of the 400W Halide lights.  Obviously they’re not very efficient when it comes to lighting for inspecting aircraft.



Request January 2013: New Hangar

Hangar lighting in MT. new hangar, 60 x 60 12ft height

Solution: The updated dimensions will be 23.75 x 23.75 inches.  There is no knockout on this fixture.  The power cord comes from the top side where the ballasts are located.  They will come with a 3’ cord without a plug.  I’m sure you will be able to easily modify to your liking.



Request January 2013: Hangar Lights

50 x 80 hanger. Have four halogen lights now. Burn out to often and takes cherry picker to replace



Request December 2012: T-hanger lighting


Solution: May I suggest using 5-200w Induction fixtures per hangar. Each providing 16,000 initial lumens which will total 70+ foot candles of light. You may also consider the 150w version which would give 12,000 initial lumens and create about 60fc and also be well received.



Request December 2012:  a large hangar in East Africa preparing for 69 fixtures at at least 40′ (12m) above ground. 


Solution: Using the 400w version will provide an abundance of light (70fc) at a work height of 4.5 ft.  


Request December 2012: looking to retrofit our hanger with energy efficient lighting. what about switching lights on and off during the day ( whats more efficient ? )


Solution: Induction 200w retrofit would cost just $ 4,284.32 a year to operate and  provide 75 fc at .665 watts per sq.ft.  Better light at a 20% reduction in cost


Request December 2013: replacing light fixtures in three aircraft hangers (total of 36 lights).  The specifications require that we use a “Raptor” or equivalent.

Solution: suggest using the LP3600, a 600w arrangement which will provide 100,000 hr. vs 40,000 hr. while Induction will maintain better than 70% of initial lumens at 75,000 hr.  The Raptor 10 consumes 562 watts so this is close while not needing to change 60 lamps per hangar bay



Request December 2012: Presently we have 1,000 watts Metal Halide light fixtures installed on the plane parking areas. I have been requested to replace the light fixtures with stadium type fixtures and with Induction lamps.

Solution: May I suggest using either the 39400 (400 watt) or 39500 (500 watt) units. 


Request November 2012: We are planning to construct an MRO facility at the International Airport. We are looking forward to install highly efficient and cost effective lighting systems in the Hangar

Solution: Utilizing 272 induction fixtures of 750w will use just 208,080 watts, provide a better light, a 10 yr. warranty, last 11.5 yrs. The layout would be 16 rows and 17 columns equaling 272 fixtures. I suggest considering using the 600w on the rows (2 or 3)which are lower along the sides and the 750w on all the rest. 


Request November 2012: I am looking to put ceiling lights in a new hangar that I’m building.would this type of lighting system be to expensive for a 50 X 50 foot hangar?


Request November 2012: I would be interested in talking to you about your induction lighting for our Hangars and also for our street lighting. We are using 5”x5” square metal posts for our street lights  with a 400 watt metal halide bulb on the street and a 250 watt bulb for the parking areas


Request November 2012: I’m building a 70 x 96 x18 hanger. The use is for storage only. No offices or shop. What lighting do I need? I’m finishing the inside with white liner steel….

Solution: 12- 250w induction fixtures laid out in a 3×4 pattern.  Not having to get a lift and electrician time and time again to maintain your lighting makes quite a difference in the long term. Energy efficiency is also very important and the induction solution will do the job on less than half the power of the flourescent.  6300w(T-8) vs 3000w(induction).


Request November 2012: My hangar requires some additional lighting. We are looking for low-cost alternative to supplement the lighting in a short term leased hanger



Request November 2012: I have to chose hangar lights for hangar that is 16 metres x 13 metres ( about 52 feet x 43 feet) and is high 5 metres ( about 16 feet). Inside this hangar we need about 100-150 foot-candels

Solution: In respect to your hangar, I suggest using 12- 300w induction high bay fixtures. Arranged in a 4 across and with 3 rows will provide in excess of 100 fc’s.


Request October 2012: requesting a “short term” solution to their 100ft high (400x 400). Scheduled for a full retrofit in a few years, looking for something “inexpensive” – possibly wall mount might work

Solution: I would recommend using the 32-750w solution because it provides the most fc’s on the ground for the interim and will allow you to appreciate the qualities of the Induction light source moving forward


Request October 2012: Our first hangar is 2,760 ft^2  measuring 60ft long x 40ft wide x 23ft high with 9 250W high pressure sodium lights evenly spaced in 3 rows of 3 lights with the bottom of the lights hanging at 18 ft above the floor. This provides us with about 12 foot-candles of illumination at waist height

Solution: Replace with 150W Induction light fixture


Request October 2012: replace existing 1000W MH fixtures in aircraft hangar. has 44’ H in the center and 24’ on sides.

Solution:  replace the (24)-400w MH with 32250-347v (250w 32″ High Bay) and the (28)-1000w MH with 32500-347v (500w 32″ High Bay both with Aluminum Reflectors).  



Request July 2012: I’m building a 50 by 50 20 ft high all steel Insulated hanger. What would you recommend and cost

Solution: would recommend six 200W Induction fixtures in a three by two pattern


Request July 2012: T Hangar dimensions are 44′ with a 16′ height

Solution: For inside the T hangars.  3 across the front and 2 near the tail area. Outside 8 Induction Wall Packs with motion sensors


Request June 2012: Hangar dimensions are 50’x 50′ and approx. 15′ high.

Solution: The fixtures will be each 4’x14″ and have 4- 54w T-5HO lamps. The ballasts are rated 120-270v. The lamps will have a CRI of 80 and will be rated at 4100k. The hangar lights will be installed at 12′ or about 3′ from the ceiling. Orientation will be 3 rows of 3 fixtures. Suggestion: The electrician to create 3 zones (3 switches) so you can have light where it’s needed yet not wasted.





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