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LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures are outdoor wall mounted lights to cost-effectively light building entrances, apartment buildings,  institutions, schools, and stairways. Used as Building Accent Lighting, Landscape Lighting, Security Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Area Lighting and Storage Area Lighting.

LED wall packs are an excellent choice for new construction or retrofit applications. Featuring a bright white 5000°K color temperature for increased safety and security; up to 15 years of Maintenance free operation; 5 Year Warranty on the complete fixture. (LEDs, Driver, & Housing).

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LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

LED Wall Pack

LED Wall Pack Lights-WPL

Large 18″ Wall Pack; Featuring Philips LEDs, DLC Listed; 10 year Warranty; up to 14,303 lumens; UL, DLC certificate, IP65; Available in 28/42/64/ 85/120W Prices start $

LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

LED Wall Packs-Ledsion

Large 18″ LED Half Cutoff Wall Pack;  up to 19,500 lumens 2 150W; 150D beam angle; ETL,CETL,DLC; Available in 41/60/80/100/120/150W. Prices start $

LED Rotatable Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

LED Rotatable Wall Pack-Ledsion

Adjustable LED wall pack featuring 60D bean angle; DLC Listed; up to 14,400 lumens @ 120W; IP65; Available in 25/ 40/55/60/80/120W. Prices start $

LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

Wall Pack Lights-Half-Sphere

Half-Sphere full cut off LED wall pack featuring a wide rectangular light distribution; Dark sky compliant; up to 5504 lumens @ 45W; up light option, DLC available in down light version only; available in 7/12/20/25/34/45W. Prices start at $



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