LED High Mast Airport Lighting

LED High Mast Airport Lighting solutions up to 170,000 lumens @ 1,000 Watts. Replacing up to 4000-watt HID lighting fixtures. High-mast lights are quite different from the typical airport or roadway lights. High-mast fixtures are regularly mounted at 60 ft to more than 100 ft above ground level and occasionally as high as 250 ft. Normal street lights are typically mounted at heights lower than 60 ft, and many are in the 30 ft range.

LED High Mast Airport Lighting

Brand: Arrlux
ightweight and thin-profile
design minimizes wind loads
124,740lm @ 900W; DLC
Prices start at $450.
Hangar Lights

LED High Mast Lighting

Brand: Oakled
up to 170,000 lumens @ 1000W,
adjustable beam angles; CE, ETL;
IP67 & IK08 rated;
Prices start at $450.

High Mast Lighting

Brand: Huadian
“high task” areas in Ports,
Rail Yards, Correctional facilities;
ranging from 29400 to 97500
Prices start at $350.

LED High Mast Lighting

Brand: Ledsion
Up to 162,500 lumens;
sports fields, yard and area
lighting; 300/400/500W/
Prices start at $450.


Airport high mast area lighting
Airport high mast area lighting by Arrlux


With 79,000 to 162,000 of visual lumens, these LED High Mast airport lighting fixtures are ideal replacement lighting for 2,000W of high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures such as metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) providing energy and maintenance savings. NOTE: Typically HID fixtures have a 40% lumen depreciation after only 1 year of operation. While LED high mast lighting lumen maintenance is rated at over 70% at 50,000 hours!

Light Quality: The full color spectrum and 5000K color temperature combined with a >75 CRI provides greater nighttime visibility over HID and HPS. 

LED High Mast Airport Lighting are instant-on and fully controls-compatible including Bi-Level Dimming, 0-10V Dimming, Remote Monitoring and ON/  OFF Contorl, DC 24V Operation – Solar Compatible too. 

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