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LED Area Site Lighting to satisfy your large area lighting needs, while complementing your architectural and general-purpose applications. LED area lights are most commonly found in airport access roads, corridors and concourses, parking lots, parks, malls, walkways, campus and industrial grounds, streets and roadways. The most popular styles of area lights are pole top lights, mast-arm and wall-mounted as these area lights are designed to bring uniform lighting to large outdoor lighting applications.

Upgrade your traditional and legacy hangar and airport luminaires with area LED lights and benefit from energy and maintenance savings. In addition,  today’s LED area lights incorporate unique architectural designs that solve the problems of light pollution, glare, over-illumination, light clutter, sky glow and light trespass.

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LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Lighting – Hyper Series 

This DLC qualified product features a very efficient 185 lm/w and a 10 year warranty; Up to 74,000 lumens @ 400W; Replaces existing HID & HPS fixtures up to 1500W; Available in 150/240/300/400W. Prices start at $.

LED Industrial Lighting

LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Site Lighting – Shoebox 3040

Utilizes high efficient Phillips Lumiled LEDs with energy savings over 66% and much Improved lumen maintenance compared to HID light sources; up to 43,620 lumens @ 300W; replaces up to 1000W HID, HPS. Available in 10/20/30/40/60/80/100/120/150/200/250/300W. Prices start at $.


LED Area Lighting Spider Mount Square

available in 12″ (S) or 16″ (M) used as an area floodlight or shoebox fixture; Various mounting; spider mount, slip fitter, tenon or trunion; features a wide light distribution. with high efficient Phillips Lumiled LEDs; up to 20,680 lumens @ 150W;  Available in 10/20/30/40/50/60/80/100/120/150W. Prices start at $.

LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Lighting – Round Flat Top 3075 

Architectural rounded flat top LED area light; Arm Mount; ideal for lighting up residential exteriors, walkways, entry ways, perimeters, storage areas, parking garages; up to 16,512 lumens @ 125W. replaces up to 400W HID, HPS. Projected life of >200,000 hours. Available in 25W, 45W, 65W, 85W, 105W, 125W. Prices start at $


LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Site Lighting – ALS

This Area Light Luminaire combines style with performance; featuring high output Phillips LEDs; up to 30,829 lumens @ 295W; DLC qualified; 10 year warranty; Buy American Compliant; DLC Listed; available in 35/65/105/145/185/235/295W; Prices start at $

LED Area Site Lighting

LED Area Lighting – Ledsion

complete LED solution for high pole parking lot lighting and car dealership lighting; up to 39,000 lumens @ 300W; DLC Listed; available in 100/150/200/300W; Prices start at $



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