Cutting Energy Costs, Consumption with Induction Lighting

Better Performance, Less Maintenance

With 140 Metal Halide fixtures burning 12 hours a day, seven days a week n the manufacturing area this company’s energy consumption was excessive. To improve energy efficiency and reduce total operating costs, the company recently replaced all 140 of the 400W Metal Halide fixtures with high-efficiency Induction Lighting High Bay fixtures.

The new hangar lights have not only slashed future energy consumption per fixture from approximately 400W to just 200W per unit, but they have also improved light performance and output, reduced maintenance cost and qualified the company for a substantial rebate for its energy-efficient practices.

“The installation went very smoothly with minimal interruption to our manufacturing process,” said Vicki T.- Vice President of Manufacturing 

Cutting Energy Costs, Consumption with Induction Lighting

Installation Snapshot

Number of Fixtures – 140

Replaced – 400W Metal Halide

Illuminance level – 39.9fc

Mounting Height – 18’

Air Conditioning Reduction – 10%-15%

Payback – < 1 year payback with rebate incentives

In addition to the significant energy savings, the new Induction Lighting fixtures have also helped to reduce lighting maintenance. When you factor in the cost of renting a lift to reach the 18′ mounting height, maintaining the old fixtures was a large expense every year. With unique highly efficient 16,000 lumens the Induction High Bay fixtures combine precision optics and next generation thermal management practices.

The long-life performance of the new Induction Lighting fixtures means that the company can now expect to get as much as 20 years of life out of each fixture – with the first ten covered by the no-cost replacement warranty. 

The company and its employees are both pleased with the significant temperature drop inside the manufacturing facility as a result of the new Induction Lighting fixtures. Without the excess heat generated from the Metal Halide fixtures, the company engineers have noted a 20-ton (10% – 15%) reduction in air conditioning demand to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the facility – an additional energy-saving and sustainability benefit for the company.

Employees have noticed that it is cooler, and they like the light produced by the Induction Lights better than the old lights. It’s not only more uniform, but the crisp white light is easier on the eyes. In an area prone to severe weather and the associated power outages, the instant-on feature is also a significant benefit to both worker comfort and safety. And, the fixtures tend to generate less static, eliminating the light distortion that can occur with even minimal dust accumulation on traditional Metal Halide units.

Utility Company Rebates Add to Induction Lighting Benefits

As a result of its energy-saving initiatives, the company is qualified and has already applied for a substantial $48,000 energy savings rebate through the local utility company. “The energy and cost savings combined with the opportunity to receive the energy efficiency rebates have made the conversion to Induction lighting a substantial part of our sustainability efforts.” MORE AREA LIGHTING


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