Helicopter Hangar Lights

Helicopter Hangar Lights- February 2014

RFP: “reduce some operating cost of the existing 49-1000 watt Metal Halide lights while achieving brighter work environment based on 75-100 foot candles.” 

Projected energy savings based on operating hours of 17 hours/day at $0.11 KWH;
Savings per month = $1,788; per year = $21,462
Co2 emissions saved = 255, 820 pounds
ROI = 21 months

Helicopter Hangar Lights After Retrofit – Replaced 1000w MH with 500w Induction – AAG (Associated Aircraft Group, Inc.) operates a Part 145 Repair Station and is a Sikorsky Certified Repair Center, with more than 50,000 feet of hangar space, and its own engine and airframe specialists. MORE HIGH BAY LIGHTS


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