High Bay Fluorescent Lighting systems in 4, 6.8 lamp, T5 or T8 configurations. NEW- For LED applications see LED Linear High Bay – https://industriallightingfixtures.org/led-linear-high-bay.html

These linear fluorescent systems are more energy-efficient than HID solutions and feature lower lumen depreciation rates, better dimming options, virtually instant start-up and re-strike, better color rendition and reduced glare. Not only do these features make fluorescent high bay fixtures more cost-effective than metal halide or high pressure sodium, they also enable them to provide superior lighting to the spaces they illuminate.

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High Bay Fluorescent Lighting










Although HID lamps have traditionally been used in applications that feature large areas such as indoor and outdoor facilities, hangars, warehouses, factories, studios, arenas with high ceilings, the downside of waiting 10 to 15 minutes for full brightness or long delays in re-strike remain a serious failing.

High bay fluorescent lighting for T-Hangars are designed to meet your industrial lighting requirements, offering maximum performance to serve today’s industrial requirements with the benefit of energy savings

Act Now! Replace your dull and inefficient metal halide lamps with long-life Induction Lighting as area lighting in parking garages, warehouses, marinas, hangars and aviation repair stations. Call for pricing today toll-free 1-844-LED PROS (1-844-533-7767) 

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