Indiana FBOs and the Super Bowl

Indy FBOs Brought Their A-game for Super Bowl Traffic

Less than 12 hours after the Giants beat the Patriots on Sunday at the Indianapolis-hosted Super Bowl, area FBOs were just beginning to be able to enjoy their own victory celebrations. “The weather was great. The people were great. It was a fabulous experience,” said Andrea Montgomery, co-owner of Indianapolis Executive-based Montgomery Aviation. “We had to do a little de-icing at around midnight. We had pretty much everyone out of here by 2:30 a.m. Monday morning.” All totaled, according to Flight Aware estimates, there were 650 departures scheduled out of the area between the end of the game and early Monday afternoon. Except for some slight delays for de-icing operations, all the airports reported that they were running close to schedule. Everything went so smoothly for business aircraft operators flying in for the big game that the only negative comments were aimed at the inflated landing and parking fees, some of which were reported to be four times the normal rates. But, as one Citation pilot put it, “Our owner is a big Giants fan, and he wasn’t complaining about anything.”


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