The Induction High Bay Low Profile 3 Lamp LP3 series fixture is a 3 lamp low profile high bay fixtures offered in 450w to 750w to provide maximum flexibility in a variety of applications; Ideal for Warehouse Lighting, Hangar Lights, Factory Lighting, Grocery Store Lighting, Tennis Court Lighting, Retail Lighting, Showroom Lighting, Gymnasium Lighting. Replacing existing HID fixtures and hangar lights up to 1000W

Induction High Bay Low Profile 3 Lamp

Induction High Bay Low Profile 3 Lamp Induction Low Profile 3-Lamp High bay specs




Act Now! Replace your dull and inefficient metal halide lamps with long-life Induction Lighting as area lighting in parking garages, warehouses, marinas, hangars and aviation repair stations.Call Steve at 661.305.3332 or email “The Next Generation Lighting Expert” at


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