Lighting Rebates For Replacement Of HID Lights

Many of the major utility companies offer substantial lighting rebates and incentives for lighting rebates for replacement of HID lights- Metal Halide (MN, High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Mercury Vapor (MV) as part of a retrofit project.

Lighting Rebates For Replacement Of HID LightsEnergy Solutions for Business Programs

Lighting is the largest electrical expense for most businesses – ranging from 42 percent for small offices to 55 percent for small retail buildings. Upgrading to energy efficient lighting is also one of the easiest and most-effective to reduce energy usage. Utility rebates for Induction Lighting replacement can make your payback period even shorter.

Lighting Rebates For Replacement Of HID Lights 
State  Program Type Lighting Rebates
AZ APS Induction Lighting $55 – $115 / fixture
CA PG&E Interior Induction  $35 –  $125 / fixture 
CA PG&E  Interior Induction   $25 – $100 / fixture  
CA SCE  Interior Induction  $35 –  $125 / fixture 
CA SCE  Exterior Induction  $25 – $100 / fixture 
CT  CLP  Induction Lighting $25 – $50 / fixture 
HI  Hawaii Energy   Induction Lighting  $25 – $75 / fixture 
MI  Consumers E  Exterior & Garage  $45 – $180 / fixture 
NV  NV Energy  Exterior & Garage  $25 – $120 / fixture 
NJ  Smart Start  Induction Lighting  $50 / fixture 
OH  AEP Ohio  Induction Lighting  $.40 per watt reduced 

































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