Street Lighting

Induction street lighting is frequently used as replacement lighting fixtures for the older HID in many airplane hangars, aircraft maintenance hangars, industrial and manufacturing facilities with their extensive access roadways and large parking areas. Induction street lighting has longer life spans than ordinary street lamps and is more energy-efficient.  Induction street lighting has a 20-year life span and features a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

As roadway lighting becomes more sophisticated, so does our understanding of its impacts beyond simply providing visibility. Light pollution and light trespass are being recognized more and more as real effects of excessive or poorly designed exterior lighting. The latest generation of induction streetlights feature affordable high-powered, bright, energy-saving cobra head street light fixtures

Applications include Major Roadways, Residential Streets, Pedestrian Walkways, Parking Lots, Docks and Piers, Remote and Rural Locations, High crime areas. MORE STREET LIGHTING

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