XJet Induction Lamp retrofit

XJet (KAPA), 3rd. in Aviation International News annual FBO Survey of Top 10 FBO’s in America for 2011. www.xjetworld.com , a member based club offering unrivaled service and facilities.  The XJet Induction Lamp retrofit encompassed 2 large hangers and acres of ramp.

In the Spring of 2011, Green Energy Solutions, Inc (GES) installed two ramp lights. Replacing 1500w MH with 150w Induction.  The project includes replacing all 8 outdoor ramp lights, retrofitting existing 400w MH with 200w Induction hi bay hangar lights in both hangers ( total 114 fixtures) as well as retrofitting the garage lighting and parking lot lights.

XJet Induction Lamp retrofit

On many occasions, Tom Perkins, VP of XJet, has commented on the number of visiting pilots who upon arriving at the XJet ramp will ask about the new lights.  Often saying how they were much easier on the eyes than the others and asking why don’t you do the rest of them?

The project totals for XJet are equally impressive. Saving more than $26,000 a year in utilities ($2,200 mo.) and $20,000 in rebates resulting in a payback of 27 months! MORE LAPMP RETROFITS

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