Although LEDs garner a lot of interest for those looking for metal halide alternatives, induction lighting’s cost-effectiveness and long life make it a better solution for high bay lighting applications. With a rated life of 100,000 hours — twice as long as LEDs — and purchase costs that are less than half that of LEDs, Induction lighting for airplane hangars is a practical, workhorse technology for applications like exterior lighting and high bay fixtures in aircraft maintenance hangars.

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 Induction Lighting For Airplane Hangars

Induction lighting for airplane hangars












A 200W induction lamp is well-suited for both outdoor and indoor large area lighting. Exterior applications range from auto dealer parking lots and street lighting to aircraft maintenance hangars, gas station canopies, tunnel wall packs, tennis courts and sports stadiums. Indoors they are ideal for high-bay fixtures in warehouses, retail, gyms or convention centers. They can be utilized in a wide variety of fixtures suited for pole, ceiling and wall-mounted applications like hangar lights.

A 200W induction lamp is a comparable replacement for a 360W Metal Halide or a 400W HPS (high pressure sodium) lamp, delivering better light while using about half the power. Equally important, one induction lamp will last for ten years or more, while an HPS lamp will have to be replaced about three times and a Metal Halide lamp as many as five times over 10 years. That adds up to very substantial savings on materials and labor considering the high cost of servicing hard-to-reach fixtures.

Induction lamps are long-life, energy saving alternatives to HID lamps, well suited for applications where fixtures are hard to reach, whether outdoors, like street lighting, or indoors, aircraft hangars.

With a 100,000 hour-rated life, high lumen output, minimal lumen depreciation, outstanding color rendering, and instant-on features, our induction lights provide a versatile, high-efficiency, low-maintenance, long-term lighting solution.

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