Military Bases Aim For Energy Efficiency

Military Bases Aim For Energy Efficiency

President Obama’s Executive Order 13423 mandates military bases aim for energy efficiency in their aircraft hangar operations. The President’s directive has an energy efficiency improvement target to;

“Reduce facility energy use and resulting greenhouse gas 3% each year from FY 2006 through FY 2015 with a base starting point of FY 2003 or 30% reduction by 2015.”  


The Department of Defense (DOD) accounts for approximately 63% of the energy consumed by federal facilities and buildings. This makes DOD the single largest energy consumer in the United States, even though consuming only 1% of national site-delivered energy. It’s annual spending on facility energy has averaged over $3.4 billion recently.

With so many structures, DOD’s investment in energy efficiency and renewable technologies can help create a market and steadily lower the cost for advanced energy technology. Both the Department of Defense as a whole and each of the military branches have taken strong leadership in setting ambitious goals for energy independence and in deploying innovative energy technology to meet those targets. Major steps have been taken across the department to develop and implement new energy solutions using renewable fuels, renewable electricity, energy efficiency, energy storage, and smart and secure microgrids for electricity.

New Buildings, Renovations and Retrofits

EO13423 (Section 2f) mandates specific energy reduction targets for new construction and renovations. Executive branch agencies are directed to meet objectives set in the Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Memorandum of Understanding (“Sustainable Buildings MOU”).

The Sustainable Buildings MOU calls for new buildings to be 30% more cost-efficient than industry standards, and for buildings undergoing major renovations to be 20% more cost-efficient than a pre-renovation, 2003 baseline. Federal agencies are encouraged to incorporate sustainable practices into projects underway and are also encouraged to sell or dispose of unneeded assets.

Aircraft Hangar Lighting

New initiatives to increase energy efficiency in the U.S. Military include replacing HID lighting with energy-efficient Induction and LED in U.S. military aircraft hangars, airplane parking decks and ramps which greatly contributes to the military’s goal of achieving the 3% yearly reduction has mandated by the Executive Order.



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