Induction Lighting The Lighting Solution

Induction lighting the lighting solution delivers lower energy costs, longer life, lower maintenance and better illumination than fluorescent, HID lights – metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor or LED. Induction lighting technology uses 40% to 70% less energy and lasts up to 100,000 hours, . Showing much less lumen depreciation than the most common lighting used in high bay application, metal halide.

Induction Lighting is the newest, greenest and most powerful light source in the world today. Induction Lighting uses electro magnetic energy to form light. Electro magnetic coils excite the gas in a glass tube to produce light. This process uses most of it’s energy to produce light, not heat.

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Induction Lighting The Lighting Solution

Lighting represents 40% of a commercial building energy bill and 80% of these facilities still use a lighting system that is not energy efficient and using outdated lighting technology. It’s time for a change. 

By replacing metal halide lights with Induction lighting, a commercial business will have energy savings of 55% or more. And has a rated life 5 to 10 times longer than conventional light sources.  Induction Lighting is a great alternative to HID lighting fixtures features virtually maintenance free 100,000 hour lamp life, energy savings of up to 70 percent, unmatched lumen maintenance, and a faster return on investment (ROI). Induction fixtures turn on instantly, even on re-strike  in colder temperatures. Unlike HPS, HID, and LED light sources, induction lighting fixtures operate in cold temperatures down to -40 degrees C.

Where replacement and maintenance of lights can be difficult, Induction lighting is the preferred light source for facility managers and warehouse owners. Areas like aircraft maintenance hangars, auto dealer malls, parking lots, parking garages, industrial buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, tunnels, cold storage units, bridges, street lighting, etc

Other features and benefits;

Color Perception – A high color rendering index (CRI) of greater than 85 combined with a 5000k (“natural daylight”) is crucial to visibility, safety and comfort.

Flicker and Glare – associated with HID and fluorescent lamp is completely eliminated with Induction Lighting. Resulting in improved productivity, readability, eyesight. No more headaches

Heat Factor – Induction lighting generate less heat and substantially reduce ambient inefficient heat loss

Noise – No humming or buzzing sounds with Induction Lighting. Achieving a comfortable environment for staff, vendors and customers alike.

Utility Rebates – Many utility company rebates are offering higher incentives when replacing HID with Induction Lighting. Lighting is the largest electrical expense for most businesses – ranging from 42 percent for small offices to 55 percent for small retail buildings. Upgrading to enrrgy efficient lighting is also one of the easiest and most-effective to reduce energy usage. Utility rebates for Induction Lighting replacement can make your payback period even shorter. Read more

Induction Light Custom Retrofit Kits – Certified retrofit kits of induction lighting for parking lot and area lighting fixtures are now available for Cooper, Emco Lighting, Gardco Lighting Lithonia and Quality Lighting. These custom induction light retrofit kits feature; Read more

What are the advantages of Induction Lighting vs LED

Fixture Lifetime – Induction Lighting is rated at 100,000 hours

Warranty – 10 year manufacturer warranty 

Wattages Availability – From 23 watts bulbs up to 400 watts Low Bay and High Bay lighting fixtures 

Short ROI – a 2 to 3 year ROI when factoring in energy and maintenance costs. (Without energy rebates or tax incentives)

Area Lighting – Induction Lighting is designed to light large areas like parking lots,  factory floor, warehouse space, etc. LED is better suited for display or spot lighting

Lumen Depreciation – Induction Lighting has slow lumen depreciation (light loss) and can maintain up to 70% of original lumens for 60,000 hours or more. 

Proven Technology –  Induction Liughting has been in use for many years with proven results

Purchase Price –  Lower price for Induction Ligting

What are the advantages of LED vs Induction Lighting

Operating Temperature – Minimum operating temperature as low as -40 F

Durability – Since the LEDs are solid-state devices, they are more resistant to vibration and impact compared to the induction lamps which are made of glass

Display Lighting  – LEDs are ideal for compact forms where spot lighting or display lighting is most needed i.e. traffic signals, signs, product shelving lighting 

Induction Light Applications

Hangar Lighting

Although LEDs garner a lot of interest for those loking for metal halide alternatives, induction lighting’s cost-effectiveness and long life make it a better solution for high bay lighting applications. With a rated life of 100,000 hours — twice as long as LEDs — and purchase costs that are less than half that of LEDs, induction lighting is today’s practical, workhorse technology for applications like exterior lighting and high bay fixtures. Read more

High Bay Lighting

High Bay lights with Induction Lighting technology are the best lighting solutions in replacing traditional commercial HID high bay or low bay fixtures. Induction high bay lighting systems feature maximum efficiency, superior color rendering, and long lamp and ballast life representing the best value lighting in warehouses, arenas, gymnasiums, factories, studios and hangars. Read more 

Parking Lot Lighting

The parking lot lighting fixture with induction lights will give you 20 years of maintenance free operation at a fraction of the energy cost of a metal halide (MH), high pressure sodium (HPS)or any other high intensity discharge (HID) fixture. Two of the most common parking lot light fixtures are; the Shoe Box and the Square Flood. Read more

Wall Packs

Wall pack lights for outdoor lighting are available as night sky friendly wall packs for your home or business; floods, semi cut-off wallpacks and full cut-off types. Induction wall packs are durable and produce powerful illumination. Perfect for security, pathway, and perimeter applications. For commercial security outdoor flood lights, induction lights are ideal replacement lighting for metal halide and high pressure sodium wall packs. Read more

Parking Garage Lights

Parking garage lights are available in various styles and configurations. All of the Induction fixtures come with a 10 year warranty, 100,000 hour rated life expectancy, 20 years maintenance free operation, lumen maintenance @75,000Hrs >70%, color temperature 5000 K, color rendering index (CRI) 83, minimum starting temperature -20 F, maximum operating temperature 160 F. Read more

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